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GoSourcing India - A B2B Sourcing Platform. How it works for all?

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I want to source from India. How do I use GoSourcing-India for Textile, Apparel, Accessories or Dyestuff & Chemical Sourcing from India?

GoSourcing-India is an Online B2B Networking & Sourcing Platform exclusively featuring Indian Manufacturers & Suppliers of Textile, Apparel, Trims, Accessories, Dyestuff and Fine & Specialty Chemicals. Being in the Textile Arena for several years now, we at GoSourcing do understand that Sourcing in the Textile Industry does not work by deciding on a manufacturer or placing an order `Online’. Worldwide Buyers need to see for themselves the Indian manufacturers reputation, competency, quality of work, factory working conditions and visit the Manufacturers or Suppliers before orders are placed.

Here’s where GoSourcing-India steps in!

Firstly, as you are on GoSourcing-India.com website, so it seems you have already decided that you wish to source your products from India. A Buyer’s instant access to Indian manufacturers information online on GoSourcing-India will make it easier for you to source from India. Today more than half of the Global buyers of the Textile Industry conduct their research on their computers or smartphones looking for manufacturers worldwide, reading about their products, comparing and interacting with the manufacturers or suppliers online.

Our busy lifestyles mean that many of these activities take place on the go, between jobs or in meetings. An advanced B2B Sourcing Platform like GoSourcing-India is optimized for a high-quality experience to see Indian Textile, Apparel, Yarn, Fabric, Accessories and Dyestuff & Chemical Manufacturers & Exporters, compare them on our Online platform, Network and Shortlist manufacturers. After this, you will then be ready and prepared to go and visit the selected and shortlisted manufacturer(s) in India and decide from those perhaps 10 shortlisted manufacturers, after visiting those factories yourself or appointing your Representative in India to visit those Manufacturers.

This tremendously saves a buyer like you with a lot of time, effort and money as instead of going all the way and visiting factories or looking for references scrutinizing for the right Indian manufacturer. GoSourcing-India makes Networking easy between International Buyers who wish to source from India and Indian manufacturers fast no matter where you are as described above.

Furthermore, even good for you – if you are an Apparel buyer, GoSourcing-India could also work for you for `Triangle Trade’! `YOU’, as an Apparel or Clothes buyer, can also shortlist and decide on GoSourcing-India.com Fabric & Accessory suppliers and nominate your selected suppliers to the Indian Apparel Manufacturer, thus ensuring quality right from where you are.

Hence, GoSourcing-India can be stated as a comprehensive and unique platform for the entire Textile sector.

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I am an Apparel manufacturer from India. How can GoSourcing help me for Fabric Sourcing or Trims & Apparel Accessories Sourcing?

Just like International buyers seeking manufacturers from India, Apparel manufacturing factories like you based in India are also buyers of either Yarn, Fabric, Trims or Apparel Accessories either from India or abroad.

You have Indian manufacturers right on GoSurcing-India.com. Or to seek Worldwide Yarn, Fabric, Trims or Apparel Accessories manufacturers & suppliers, you will have to open a Free `Buyer’ account on GoSourcing365.com as it provides a wide-ranging platform for Apparel manufacturers like you to look for worldwide Yarn, Fabric, Trims or Accessories manufacturers & suppliers and see accurate information on products, network with manufacturers and suppliers, compare, interact and finalize from whom you will source next.

You too can shortlist your suppliers and visit targeted manufacturing factories in a country to inspect their machinery, quality control, production capacities, collect samples, check delivery schedules to meet your Buyer’s Apparel delivery, check their competency depending on the experience of the supplier and then finally decide on placing an order.

With a B2B Sourcing Platform like GoSourcing365 focused exclusively to the Global Textile & Apparel sector only, Apparel manufacturers like you will now be able to do your homework right from where you are and shortlist your suppliers, before you hop on an airplane to visit your suppliers.

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I run a Textile factory in India. How can GoSourcing assist me in Yarn Sourcing or Dyestuff & Chemicals Sourcing?

You as a Textile factory owner in India are an important buyer, just like other defined Buyer’s as stated above.

The Online marketplace is now playing a dominant role in International Yarn, Fabric and Dyestuff & Chemical sourcing; with manufacturers taking to B2B Sourcing Platforms to showcase their products & services and buyers like you too aiming at such platforms to save time & explore competent manufacturers worldwide, better quality and competitive deals.

If you wish to source from India, you have Indian manufacturers right on GoSurcing-India.com. Or if you wish to seek Worldwide Yarn or Fabric, Dyestuff and Fine & Specialty Chemical manufacturers & suppliers, you will too have to open a Free `Buyer’ account on GoSourcing365.com. GoSourcing365 provides an extensive Global B2B Sourcing Platform for the entire Textile & Apparel sourcing sector where Textile factory buyers like you can see, compare, connect with Yarn, Fabric, Dyestuff and Fine & Specialty Chemical manufacturers & suppliers for their Sourcing needs.

GoSourcing365 steps in for you as a dedicated Global Sourcing platform for Yarn, Fabric, Trims, Accessories and Dyestuff & Chemicals.

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I am a Manufacturer (Textile, Apparel, Trims, Accessories, Dyestuff & Chemicals). Do I really need to be on an Online B2B Sourcing platform like GoSourcing for my International marketing or sales?

Unlike other online B2B networking platforms which cater to an unfocused audience in multiple sectors under a single website, GoSourcing-India.com & GoSourcing365.com are exclusively focused on the entire Textile & Apparel sourcing sector only.

Today is the world of B2B E-Commerce. The extensive global marketing program of GoSourcing-India will assist your Company to:

  • Adapt & accept E-Commerce as one of your marketing approach by adjusting your business models to meet shifting International market dynamics and customer demands, thereby establishing significant business leads through GoSourcing-India.com
  • Connect and network with a wider International buyer audience of the sourcing sector.
  • Your company will have a great opportunity to increase your presence in the International market by extending your reach for 24x7, 365 days a year; beyond a Trade Show which is limited to 3-4 days only.
  • Buyers around the world now want to search & find products Online and network with manufacturers & suppliers fast.
  • Today more than half of the global buyers conduct their research on their computers or smartphones looking for suppliers, researching new products and interacting with the suppliers online before they decide from whom they source next.
  • This is the right opportunity for your company to adapt to the future of International business, boost Global presence and enhance your Export marketing.
  • Reaching and expanding your export basket to potential International markets & buyers and increasing exports.

Hence no Manufacturer or Supplier can afford to ignore the opportunity facing the success of their company. If you do not incorporate B2B E-Commerce promotion like GoSourcing-India.com into your business plan today, you will probably be missing out on sales and long-term deals that will determine the future of your company. An Online B2B Sourcing Platform like GoSourcing-India engages worldwide customers and promotes further interaction.

With the growing impact of the digital community affecting the way business is done in today’s world, now is the time to start thinking about a B2B E-Commerce solution like GoSourcing-India.