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    Fiotex Cotspin Private Limited (FCPL) is a well-known manufacturer exporter and trustable name in textile industries in Gujarat, India having 51072 spindles with 13150 MT annual production capacity. FCPL known widely for its best quality products and committed delivery, company’s wide range products include 100% Cotton Ring Spun Yarn Combed Yarn and Combed Compact Yarn for Weaving & Knitting end-use from count range Ne 12/1 to Ne 40/1, as well as different type of Processed Cotton like Comber, Flat, Lickerin & Sweeping etc. All the products are processed from excellent raw material.

    Company’s products have wide demand in various sectors. These products are supplied in the market after stringent quality testing to ensure their high quality and standard. Company’s yarn & Processed cotton products are delivered in well within the stipulated time at the customer end. Moreover, the company is identified as one of the glorified Yarn manufacturer and exporter from India.

    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ 100% Cotton/ Card Cotton/ Combed Cotton/ Yarn/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number(s): +918758335544;

    Country: India

    Year of Company Establishment: 2016

    Production Capacity Per Month: 1100 MT

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 2-3 * 40 HC FCL

    Delivery Lead Time: 45-60 DAYS

    Product Detail:

    Company producing a wide range of 100 % Cotton Combed and Combed Compact ring-spun raw white yarn from count range of Ne 12/1 to Ne 40/1.

    Some of the regular count range is as below :

    • Ne 16/1 Combed Knitting
    • Ne 16/1 Combed Weaving
    • Ne 20/1 Combed Knitting
    • Ne 20/1 Combed Weaving
    • Ne 21/1 Combed Knitting
    • Ne 20/1 Combed Compact Knitting
    • Ne 21/1 Combed Compact Knitting
    • Ne 26/1 Combed Compact Knitting
    • Ne 32/1 Combed Compact Knitting
    • Ne 36/1 Combed Compact Knitting
    • Ne 40/1 Combed Compact Knitting
    • Comber Noil
    • Flat

    Licker in

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