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    Rhushabh chemicals founded in early nineties by present Managing Director Mr Rajesh Kamdar, Rhushabh Chemicals was started having an aim to modernized the textile market of Surat by bringing colour to consumer styles,

    On January 1992 Rhushabh Chemicals Started Production Unit of Textile Chemicals such as Dyes and Auxiliaries in Ahamedabad which helps to enhance the quality of textile cloths in Dyeing and Printing units of Surat, with that it also became the first company in Gujarat to capitalized on imported Dyes market in Surat which brought new trends of colours and enhance the style of textile market in Surat.

    With our vision of “Being the Premiere Choice for our clients globally, by enhancing Superior quality of Product at Competitive Price” Today Rhushabh Chemicals is manufacturing 135 Tonnes of Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes a month in India itself, Which made Rhushabh Chemicals leading Company for Supplying of various textile chemicals and dyes in India.

    The attitude of Company is to act sustainable and Futuristic keeping environment and ecology as Priorities, Which made Rhushabh Chemicals more focused towards Eco-Friendly Chemical products and Strictly Maintain ISO Quality Management System 9001-2008.

    The Company also has started to Export and into various Asian and European Sub-Continent which made Rhushabh Chemicals to grow into Global Market as well. Our Company Today with a partnership with several groups of companies deals with Various Dyes, Chemical Pigment, Textiles Auxiliaries, Optical Brightener and Ethylene Oxide Derivatives (ETHOXYLATES, SURFACTANTS and EMULSIFIER) which has multiple uses into various Textile, paper, Leather and Agro Industries.


    Categories: Finishing Chemicals/ Dyestuff & Chemicals/ Disperse Dye/ Acid Dye/ Finishing Auxiliary/ Dyeing Auxiliaries/ Reactive Dye/ Direct Dye/ Pre-Treatment Auxiliaries/ Printing Auxiliary/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number: +91 261 2322890

    Country: India

    Year of Company Establishment: 1992

    Production Capacity Per Month: 167 Metric Ton

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: NA

    Delivery Lead Time: NA

    Product Detail:

    Dyes and Dye Stuff (Disperse Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes and Salt-Free Liquid Dyes for paper), Textile Cotton/Polyester Auxiliaries (Pre-treatment, Dyeing, Printing and finishing). Agro Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals (Emulsifier, Surfactant and Ethoxylate).

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