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    Ultra Denim Group is a diversified business corporation since its inception in 1995 with interests in engineering field for Textile Machinery, Pharma Machinery, Wood working machinery, Heavy-duty Engineering, Plywood manufacturing, etc..


    Ultra Denim supplies wholesale high-grade denim fabric direct to major clothing brands from around the world. Cutting edge technology, large scale capacity, efficient management and experience ensure that Ultra Denim delivers top-quality denim at affordable prices.


    The advanced technology equipment at Ultra Denim's production facilities currently includes over 176, Tsudakoma-Japan Air jet weaving machines, a Finishing-Mercetizing- Steam pad Desizer cum Overdye-Singeing Process machines - Kuester Calico, Sheet dying indigo plant-Prism and eco-friendly S F Global liquid indigo dyes. With its policy of continual investment in the latest technologies,


    Ultra denim offering a quick lead time, reliable and flexible service and distinctive denim fabric favored by consumers around the world, Ultra Denim guarantees consistency innovation, affordability and quality.

    Categories: Yarn & Fabric/ Denim/ Dyed/ Dyed Fabric/ Fabric/ Stretch Denim Fabric/ Woven/

    Listing Type: Bronze Tier

  • Contact Number(s): +917573029614; +919998151995; +917575805152;

    Country: India

    Year of Company Establishment: 2013

    Production Capacity Per Month: 21,00,000 Meter

    Minimum Quantity Per Order: 12000 MTR / Fabric

    Delivery Lead Time: 30 Days

    Product Detail:


    ultra's concepts skillfully mix stunning style with innovative technology. We inspired by emerging fashion trends, to designed to fulfill the most demanding aesthetic and functional needs of different customers. Our new idea concepts included cutting edge fabrics that have revolutionized the rules of denim.

    2) ultra SUPERMAN

    A Ultra SUPERMAN Denim fabric designed with invisible superpower stretch technology to enhance wear ability, style and fit to fashion. It maintains a truly rigid, purist look with distinct twill lines and yarn character, while ensuring ease and versatility for every lifestyle. Perfectly combining a masculine, assertive look with unparalleled comfort, Ultra Superman is a powerful, dynamic new force in denim menswear.

    3) ultra SOFTTHIN

    A smooth, supple stretch fabric that offers all the round clock comfort of pajamas for extra-softness and lightness never before experienced in stretch denim. Supported by special fibers, Ultra SOFTHIN molds and forms with every movement of the body, giving an excellent silhouette and fit for a comfortable look that never constricts.

    4) ultra SCRATCH

    A standout statement denim that offers infinite opportunities to create customized designs. The first truly 3-D denim, ultra SCRATCH is designed to form a canvass on which to create amazing artistic effects through an easy scraping technique.

    5) ultra JUGLIES

    The launch of JUNGLES sparked a major revolution in the denim world. The super-stretch technology, took the fashion scene by storm, moving quickly from a cult item to the style mainstream. 

    6) ultra FACT FACE

    Perfectly adapting to the body, this is the first woven fabric technology with a knitted look. 

    7) ultra PUSH UP

    A 100% cotton fabric offering all the sheen and softness of silk and featuring the various denim nuances with bright, polished hues typical of silk. 

    8) Ultra ELASTIKO

    Much-loved by customers worldwide, ultra ELASTIKO guarantees incredible hold that enhances the body’s natural silhouette and creates a slimmer, more streamlined look.

    9) ultra BLUIZUM

    Created to combine true denim twill lines, slubs and beautiful indigo shades, ultra BLUIZUM is a versatile unisex collection that can be used to create a multitude of different styles.

    10) ultra ELASTIKO EX

    An evolution of classic ultra ELASTIKO, the ultra ELASTIKO EX technology offers the highest level of elasticity ever created in this type of fabric. 

    11) ultra SOLID

    ultra SOLID provides a raw, masculine look that is keeping the original denim tradition alive.

    12) ultra LOOK

    The ultra LOOK concept also offers a raw and rigid denim appearance but with built-in flexibility. 

    13) Product Mix:

    • 100% Cotton in Single and Two Ply
    • Cotton/Spandex
    • Cotton/Poly Spandex
    • Cotton/Polyester, CVC
    • Mélange
    • Available in different weaves like plain, twill, satin, herringbone, broken twills, Bedford cords and dobby.
    • Functional finishes like ETI, Stain repellent, anti-microbial, soft, etc.

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